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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13 Zoll-Displays

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Installed new battery, computer turn on,display is black, please help!

Someone please help!

I recently installed a new battery for mid 2010 macbook pro. I followed all instructions, except I didn't use a plastic spudger to lift up the connecter (I released that later). I screwed everything back in, turned on the computer it chimes and am greeted with a black display. The keyboard lights up and when I plug in the magsafe it is orange (charging). But the display is not there! I tried everything I could find online, SMC's, PRAM resets, flashlight through apple, etc logo with no luck!

Please help! I need this for a college project asap

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Sounds like you shorted out the SMC service within the battery connection if you used a metal screwdriver. Not much you can do here. It's going to need some major effort to diagnose which parts are damaged by shorting out.

I would recommend you get to an Apple Store and see what they can do for you. At least they can tell you whats damaged.

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Would I be able to access the computer via another display? I really need to access one file for school work. If i really did short somethin out would it be expensive to repair?


The graphics could be working, in which case connecting it to an external display via the thunderbolt port could work. In which case, there is probably something wrong with the LVDS circuitry inside the motherboard. Or, you could just get a SATA to USB converter or enclosure and access the Hard Drive through another computer.


If all else fails you could something like this: https://www.startech.com/HDD/Adapters/US... and access your disk from a second Mac system.


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after you turn it on long enough to have it start, try hitting the F2 key 5 or 10 times. If you are really lucky it just might work.

Jim in Chicago

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