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Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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What am I going to do?!

Ford Expedition (2001)

Most of this has been going on since I bought the car from a used dealership. It's very infuriating because i understand the vehicle is 16 yrs old but most of what I have read on here so far seems reoccurring for this model and idk if I can fix everything or it be cheaper to get a different car!!!! Please help me figure out what all is going on and possible prices

rough idle, tries to die when coming to a stop only with heat on, hesitates on take off, when it rains water comes in drips down both driver and passenger top handles and over drivers head, loses power lights flicker and battery gauge goes down but if u hit gas battery gauge goes back to normal, driver window off track but before it came off would pop when rolling up or down, rear wiper doesn't work, sunroof has no track, heat/ac blows out of defrost vent when gas is push no matter the setting,spark plug blew out of motor, pop/ grinding sound when turning at low speed check engine light on reads mass air flow sensor and misfires I think the buttons on steering wheel don't work (cruise control ect) horn doesn't work when car is off seat belt in middle row on passenger side doesn't have a clicker part seat belt 3rd row middle seat doesn't have metal piece

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Oh boy. Straight off I can offer solutions/causes for some if these issues,.

Rough idle is usually due to a dirty carburetor or throttle body and/or a dirty air filter. Cleaning the carburetor/throttle body and checking/replacing the air filter should rectify or help with that issue. However it could be due to a number of issues. Rough idle can for the most part be fixed at home.

I'll have to look at stalling with heat on.

Slow acceleration is in part caused again by carburetor/throttle body issues or air intake issues. Again can be fixed at home

Water ingres can be bad rubber seals or rust hole related and would need you to look at. Seals can be done at home, rust holes unless you have a mig or tig welder, will need to be done at a shop.

Power loss and battery guage dropping indicates a dying alternator and/or batter. Can be done at home.

Window issue is probably a bad rindow regulator or slides. Most likely just needs degreasing and lubricating. Can be done at home

Wiper would probably be a dead wiper motor. Can be fixed at home

Sunroof if either a motor issue or the same issue as the window, listed above.

A/C issue I'm not sure about and depending on whats wrong and your countries laws, you might need to take it into a shop.

Spark plug blew out??? Christ, that'd be a pressure issue. The PCV valve is probably clogged. How ever if the spark plug blew out, the tread will be destroyed and you'll posibly have head damage. Get a shop to check that one as it'll need retapping at the least.

Shy of hearing the pop/grinding sound, I can't say what that'd be. Get a shop to look at it.

MAF issue would be causing a lot of your issues actually. Replace it and still do the other things, and it should fix most of the issues.

Stearing wheel would be a contact or wiring issue that'd need to be inspected to be sure of.

Horn would be a electrical issue, possibly a relay contact issue. Can be fix3d at home.

Seat belts can be fixed at home.

Most of the fixes will only need parts that can be gotten for cheap on ebay or at a car wreckers yard or some cheap consumables and can be done at home. But you'd be best to get a mechanic to sheck that spark plug issue first and the popping sound. Those are the main issues that'll govern if you scrap the car or fix it.

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Thank you! We got a new spark plug back in and replaced 2 coil packs the site I read earlier said it was something to do with the threads in the head....also said that the windshield was faulty in this make and leaked which causes electrical issues and there were lots that had caught on fire!!!!! Now extremely worried


All good. And could have been a case of the wrong spark plug or not installed correctly.

As for the windshield issue, it'll need to be removed. Have the current sealent removed and new sealent applied. This can be done at home, however it's something thats not within what i was trained to do nor have i ever had to do it. I can find you a guide on how to do it. Until its rectified, cover the windshield with a tarp when not in use.

As for the electrical issues, this would be the root cause and yes it can cause an electrical fire. Once the windshield is fixed, you'll need to check all of the wiring and connectors in the dash for water ingress, bad connections and burnt wires.


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