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Repair Windows 10 Bootcamp on iMac

I have an iMac with a Mac OS partition and a Windows 10 Partition. I wanted a way to share files between the the OS without using a USB to transfer the files every time. so I created a new partition using some of the empty space of the Mac OS partition and formatted it as MS-DOS so that both OS could read and write to it. However, now when I go to boot into Windows it encounter a problem and won't boot. It says I must use a repair program to fix it. I went to the Mac OS partition and deleted the new partition and it still won't boot. What would cause this to happen? Its done it twice and I had to reinstall Windows as I wasn't able to make a bootable USB to use the Windows installer repair program. I used the terminal and the dd command to create a USB with the windows .iso file but when I hold the option key at boot the mac doesn't see it. How would I properly make one that way the mac can detect the USB so I can use the repair program?

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You will need a blank USB 8gb or larger for this.

1) Go to Applications --> Utilities, and find the Bootcamp Assistant.

2) Run the Bootcamp Assistant and follow the prompts

• it should correctly partition/repartition your drive for Windows 10, you can skip this

• after the repartition step, there is an option to create a Windows installation disk using USB

3) Also use Bootcamp Assistant to create a Windows drivers disk on USB

• if correctly installed, Windows should have access to the OS X part of the hard drive without reboot

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