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Bootloop after replacing screen,battery and lightning dock.

Hey everyone. My friend gave me his iPhone 6 plus too fix the screen and the boot loop issue. I have replaced the screen. I then replaced the battery which didn't fix the issue. It restores fine and then stays on for an hour but will then boot loop again. So I replaced the lightning/headphone jack flex and still the same situation. Tried another new plus battery I had spare and the same outcome so I know its not the battery. Checked over everything 2,3,4 times etc. Could it be the power IC chip?


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Sometimes damage to the front sensor and camera assembly can cause a bootloop. Try running it without the front camera installed to see if it solves the problem.

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Do you mean the back camera? The front camera on the LCD is brand new and works fine. Haven't actually tried the back camera though.


@liams905 no, the front camera, they can cause bootloops if defective.


I would also try with the back camera uninstalled if the front assembly isn't the problem. Basically when I run into a boot loop problem I remove parts one by one until I can determine whether the problem is a piece of hardware or logic board damage.


Did the boot loop issue occur when the screen cracked or got damaged most likely on drop?

Also when the boot loop occurs the phone shuts off and keeps switching on and off during Apple logo right?

How did you break the boot loop?


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