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Die Nachfolgeversion von Nintendos 3DS. Sie ist mit größeren Bildschirmen, längerer Akkulaufzeit und einem verbesserten Design ausgestattet.

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The screens on my 3DS are messing up, how do I fix it?

I accidentally dropped my 3DS XL and the bottom screen is black and mirrored only showing images in inverted colors, the top screen has a pink color and if I open my 3DS XL all of the way, it shuts off immediately. Does anyone know a solution for this?

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Sounds like both screens are faulty, you would need to follow the guide in here on how to replace them. The reason it turns off when you fully open it is that the top ribbon cable for the screen is getting more pressure on it when you open the hinge all the way so it is probably disconnecting.

Unless you have experience with taking these apart I wouldn't recommend trying to do the top screen yourself though as it's very easy to damage the top screen ribbon cable.

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My nintendo screen is pink at the top.. But the bottom is fine..


Same here, my top screen is blue but my bottom screen is perfectly fine. If I press on the top half of the 3ds, it then changes from pink to it's normal color until the pressure is released.


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