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Die Mac mini Familie existiert seit Januar 2005.

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Model A1176

Need new hard drive. Can you furnish drive and instructions for installation. Tried previously but failed. Want to try again. Due to defective HD cannot boot up mini and consequently cannot provide data re speed, etc.

Will you show hard drives available and detailed instruction manual for installation.

Refer to our 127039 where I purchased hard drive and tools. Neither hard drive nor instruction book were correct ones for my model mini.

Want to try again. Thanks.

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Can I get a copy of the detailed instruction manual? I tried printing from your web site but the colors are so faint they are difficult to read. My order number for the hard disk is 130963 dated 12/28/09. If instruction sheets could be sent with order that would be great.

Thanks and wish me luck.

Joe Clark


Unfortunately, that order has already been shipped out. Here's links to hardware installation and software installation. The PDFs of the guides are designed to be printed so they should look fine. Is the problem you're seeing something with the PDF?


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If you have a Mac mini that's model A1176, you'll need a hard drive that's a 2.5" SATA drive.

Here's some drives that would work with your machine (there are others, these are just a few):

Here's a link to the installation instructions

If you need to return a part, just send an email to our support team and we'll get you set up with an RMA.

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I do not want to return a part but I do need your help. I sent you an e-mail yesterday but do not find any evidence that it was actually sent.

I removed the bad hard disk from my Apple MIni but installing the new one turned out to be well beyond my capability. Question: Do you do repair work? If I sent the computer to you, minus the defective hard disk but with the new hard disk purchased from you recently (Order 130963, 12/28/09) enclosed would you install the new hard disk? If you do this sort of thing, how much would it cost and how long would it take?

Any special requirements on sending the computer to you? Any ID numbers required, to what address should it sent to? Look forward to hearing from you. I will send you a check or reference to a credit card when I hear from you.

Joseph T. Clark

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