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Das Samsung Galaxy J7 ist auch als Samsung Galaxy J7 Duos bekannt, es hat einen doppelten SIM Kartenslot. Es kam im Juni 2015 heraus und verfügt über ein 5,5 Zoll Kunststoffgehäuse und eine 720 x 1280 Pixel Auflösung des Displays, sowie Android OS, v5.1. Es hat eine 13 MP Hauptkamera und 5 MP Sekundärkamera, sowie einen herausnehmbaren Li-Ion 3000 mAh Akku.

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Otg and jack not working properly


Sir in my samsung device otg and adb or itger connections works properly before some time but now it didn't works it shows me charging when i connect it with the computer & otg also not working Charging works perfectly my friend suggest me that probably my charging port is fine but 2 wires of otg in jack is malfunctioned or gone bad So it is possible that jack works charging perfectly but 2 wires of data transfer goes wrong it is possible????

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This is Ramakrishna and I'm using Samsung J7, previously my device connects OTG automatically without any doing any settings but it now doesn't work or nothing to show any Connection while connect the OTG.

Please advice me, how to connect it or Which settings shall i do .

Please help me.


Me too my friend I watched 2 movies while my OTG connect after that i'll pause the movie and i'll go pee and i'll go back and play it again my phone says "File not Found" and my phone can't read my OTG anymore


I have a Samsung Galaxy grand prime and I have this too. I connected my otg to another device and it works on the other device.


At first my otg was working properly but then it stooped working then i tried all the posible things that i cloud do but its not working now


I have a J7 pro 2017 and i bought a pen drive and its not showing up on the phone i try everything possible even resetting the phone an still having the same problem. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated…


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Yes it is possible but you shouldn't use an OTG cable when connecting to a computer.

An OTG cable is only necessary when the phone has to supply power to the 'device' connected to it. e.g. when you connect a flash drive to the phone, it needs power to work, because it has no power of its own. Without an OTG cable there is no power from the phone to make the flashdrive work. When you connect the phone to a PC, the PC has its' own power.

Have you tried an ordinary (or different) USB cable when you connect the phone to the PC? It may be that one of the data wires is faulty in the cable or the phone. Also check the port in the phone for dust etc. as stated below. Have you also checked that the PC USB port is working OK by connecting another USB device and see if it works properly?

You can test if the OTG function of the phone and the OTG cable is working by plugging an optical mouse (or any unpowered USB device which shows power connected (e.g. a light in the device) into the phone via the OTG cable and seeing if the 'light' in the mouse comes on. If it does then the phone is supplying the power.

If not then try the OTG / mouse in another phone and see if it works. If it does the problem is in your phone, check for damage (or dust) on pin 4 in the phone. If it doesn't work in the other phone either it is the OTG cable. (the other phone could also be faulty, although the chances are low that 2 phones have the same problem)

The following is why an OTG cable might not work.

Here is an image of the wiring for a standard cable and an OTG cable.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

On the end that connects to the phone (left side of picture) pins 4 & 5 are joined together in the connector. If the wire has broken between the two pins or there is a problem with pin 4 (broken off or bent etc.) then the phone will still charge if pin 5 and 1 are still connected OK.

Use a magnifying glass and a strong light to check that all the pins in the connector that plugs into the phone are all there and that they are all straight and parallel with each other. Also check that the cable connector enclosure (where the pins are) is clean and that there is no lint or dust trapped which may stop a proper connection (also check the phone's port enclosure). If there is lint or dust DO NOT use a metal pin or probe to clean it out, try using a vacuum cleaner first. If this fails to remove the debris, then try a wooden toothpick to very gently (stress gently) clean the port.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Do you having problem with you Samsung J7 while connecting with your OTG cable and pen drive.

Well here's on You tube I have reviled the Solution.


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