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Modell A1502 / 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,1 GHz) oder 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,3 GHz) Dual-Core Intel Core i7 Prozessor mit 4MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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How to replace the display glass

Does the guide at Macbook Pro Displayglas Austausch apply to all newer MacBook Pro models?

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No, they are not similar. The older non-Retina MacBook Pros have a separate glass screen and LCD, making it very easy to replace just the glass (presuming you have experience replacing iPad screens, etc).

The Retinas are very easy to replace the screen on if you swap the whole top lid (15 minute job, not difficult whatsoever), but very difficult if you are replacing just the screen. The screens on the Retinas are a bonded glass and LCD/polariser, so you cannot just replace the glass, and it has backlight sheets behind the screen, instead of being built into the LCD, like older models.

It uses very strong adhesive to hold the screen to the aluminium (requires a lot of heat, but not too much otherwise you damage the backlight sheets behind the screen), and for someone doing this the first time, it usually continuously cracks, making it very difficult to stay under the screen to keep lifting it off. You also have to worry about not scratching the backlight layers (I see this a lot with first timers attempting MacBook Airs, which are 10x easier than the Retinas) and making sure you don't get dust between the backlight and the screen, when fitting the new screen.

You can find a guide to replacing just the LCD here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHbdmks-... (A1425, A1398 and A1502 are similar, A1534 and newer are slightly different process) but I would highly recommend against attempting this if you have not replaced the LCD only on a MacBook Air, and you don't have a practice assembly to try this on. You can otherwise replace the whole top lid, which I would recommend if you have no experience, by checking this out MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Mitte 2014 Displayeinheit austauschen

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This is a tough job, but iff you are carefull and take enough time, you can do it. Just find the exact guide for your model.

Models that are alike, can and do have some differances, so using another guide than your exact model is tricky. damaging some small part is easy, fixit it is a drag.

All guides are on ifixit, and youtube can help you.

One last tip. Dont start without all the tools and isopropanol etc. etc. you'll need.

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"Just find the exact guide for your model." - that's my point. I didn't find one, except for the one referenced.


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