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The Envizen V100M Tablet, is a tablet PC made by Envizen Digital, a brand under Diamondking Inc. This company makes several tablets, all of which run an Android operating system.

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I cannot get the tablet to charge. It has worked previously.

I cannot get the tablet to charge.

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@winnie409 you want to start off by telling us what you have checked. If nothing yet, then you want to go ahead and use a different charger. Also try a different cable. If still no charge, try to wiggle the cable. Some of the lesser know tablets have a tendency of losing the functionality of the charging port. If none of that yields any result, consider opening up your tablet and exchange the battery and possibly the charging port. Use these guides to work on your tablet. If a new battery should not help you may need to consider replacing the charging port. Since this is not a common tablet you may have to post some images on here to see if we can help you with that. To post images, use this guide.

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