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Die fünfte, auf Android basierende Generation der Galaxy Smartphones von Samsung ist seit dem 11. April 2014 auf dem Markt. Zu den Verbesserungen gehören der Fingerabdruckscanner, eine erneuerte Kamera, ein größeres Display und Wasserresistenz. Es ist in vier verschiedenen Farben verfügbar: Schwarz, blau, weiß und kupfer.

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Home button not working after USB Charge Port Replacement

My friend has 2 Galaxy S5 phones. One is a G900A and the other a G900T. He replaced the USB Charge port on both. On a GS5, the charge port is on a daughter board which also houses the home button and soft buttons. For some reason the soft buttons work but on both the home button no longer works. Even the original ones he had don't work anymore. I took a look at it, and I couldn't see anything wrong. I even double checked the iFixit guides. We also had the seller of the parts resend replacements and bought another from a different source. All have the same problem. Does anyone have any idea?

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I've noticed you've been inactive the last few days. Something wrong?

I will find you. I will fix you.

Ifixit play on Leon Neeson


Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown

See steps 6 and 12 for insight on the home button and its cable. That's the best I've got to offer.


@pccheese, Internet problem. Windows 10 updates will swallow your bandwidth whole!


Are you on DSL? We've got 6 windows 10 PCs and we never have a bandwidth problem. You've been out for days!


Yeah, DSL. Try running 10 Windows devices on that! Especially with the creators update coming.


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The home button on the galaxy s5 connects directly to the MB if I remember correctly. Double check the integrity of the board side (female) connector; if the home button got pulled out without being properly unplugged it could be causing the issue.

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@xela, no, the home button is part of the charge port daughterboard along with the 2 soft buttons. The soft buttons work, but the home button does not. The chargeport has been change 2-3 times from different sources, but the home button still does not work.


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