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New battery not being recognised by MacBook Pro

Six months ago I spilled some water over my MacBook. I had just bought it a few weeks before from someone else. I would guess 1/5 of a full glass of water fell, especially over the trackpad. I immediately turned it off and searched for instructions. I opened the back and laid my MacBook upside down on an oven grid and put a fan beneath it. That evening I took everything a part, piece by piece, following the instructions on this website. I found a little bit of water on the battery, and some against the sides, but that was only a very tiny amount. I couldn't find anything else. I left it open for a while and then put everything back together. Not sure how many hours that was.

After that it worked just fine. About two weeks after that I decided to align the trackpad better. I took the battery out, aligned the trackpad, put the battery in and that was it. My MacBook didn't recognise it. I thought the battery died, so I continued using it while connected to the MagSafe.

Today I received my new battery, a Hesker premium, which was the best I could find. But unfortunately my MacBook does not recognise that one either.

I followed some troubleshooting I found here, which consisted of taking everything out including the battery and charger. Pressing the power on button for 10 seconds, then putting the charger back in, Then pressing command+option+p+r, etc, something like that. That didn't help either, unfortunately.

The light indicator on the left does not work, even when the battery is disconnected.

I understand there are a few possibilities to what may be going on. Are there some I could test at home?

Thanks in advance.

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Basically, the SMC is not communicating with the battery, which can be an issue with the SMC (worst case), battery indicator, charging IC or data line resistors between the SMC and the battery/charging chip.

Try unplugging the battery connector and seeing if the battery is recognised, sometimes this can short the SMC data line for the battery to ground.

Personally, it sounds like you may have shorted the solder points above where the battery plugs in (either by unplugging the battery with a metal tool, touching something with a screwdriver or dropping a screw on the board). I have seen people do this a few times, and it basically sends 12V to the SMC, so it no longer recognises the battery.

Beyond my advice, you would be looking at logic board repair, which is where it gets more complex to diagnose and fix. If you have a multimeter and the tools required to microsolder, I am happy to point you in the right direction. If not, I would highly recommend sending it somewhere to confirm what is wrong.

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Thanks for your help! I will try unplugging the battery connector tomorrow (it's 1:30am here). But as soon as I read your comment further I sighed, because I stupidly unplugged the battery with a metal tool.. I imagine that if this is the culprit, I would have to replace replace something. I don't have a multimeter nor enough of the required tools to do it myself, unfortunately.


@danhenry this is going to be difficult to fix in that case. You would have definitely bridged 12V to the SMC, so this will need to be replaced. This chip cannot be bought new with programming, so it will have to be removed from a board of the same year as your one, reball 90+ solder balls, solder it to your board and hope the chip was working.

Unfortunately not an easy one to fix :(


@reecee Didn't see you answered, sorry for the late response.

So the chip needs to be replaced, even when all the other things function properly? I mean, the MacBook works like a charm, a bit slow, but perfectly fine. The "only" thing is that the connector isn't working. Also the little light indicator button on the side isn't showing anything when I press it, even without battery in it.

If what you say is correct, then I'm looking at an expensive fix for a MacBook that isn't worth that much anymore.. :(


@danhenry yes, the SMC would need to be replaced to resolve the issue with the battery. This is responsible for the battery indicator too, which is why that is not working either.

Probably best to keep it as a desktop computer to be honest, very difficult chip to replace and not cheap unfortunately.


@reecee Thanks for the help! Then it will have to function as a desktop.

One last question: my MacBook has become substantially slower after all of this. I read that Apple block some of the CPU's speed if the battery is disconnected. Is there someway to go around this?


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