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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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orange screen no response

when i turn on my Kindle fire the kindle logo appears for a few seconds then the whole screen turns orange and nothing works, this is the second kindle i have had with the same problem, seems to be software but usb connection not working either.

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Any luck? I have the same problem.


My screen turned orange, but that’s not all. The real problem is that it shows a partially filled page to Register my Fire. Password missing, so I write it, but nothing happens. Is non responsive.

If I try “forgot password” it sends an e-mail with an OTP but when I enter it, again, nothing happens.

I tried to reset the Fire from the Amazon page, but it doesn't work… apparently it can’t connect to the Internet.

Can any one help?


Mine starts up goes blue and then goes Kindle fire again then goes to bootloop


My Amazon tablet has went orange on my screen. Everything is working and letting me do things but it is so annoying and I need help!


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swipe down from top of screen

select settings

select display

select "Blue Shade"

look down at "Automatic Activation

to the right side of the screen there is an oval with a dot to the left

Swipe this dot to the right. It will restore your screen to the normal color

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Thanks so much. I'm glad I came across you before I had a chance to go crazy. It was nice and super easy.


I have to thank you too !!!!!


Same here - usually when I try peoples online suggestions for various things, the problem still exists. Yours was simple and worked.


Thank you!!!back to normal color


Thank you so much. I knew how to brighten the screen but, the screen stayed orange until I read your instructions. It saved us a trip to the computer store and money!!


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