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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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Apple Logo Flashing - iPhone 6 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assemblye

Hey Community,

I replaced my broken display and started the iPhone. The apple logo appears for some second and disappears again. Then I have an endless loop of appearing and disappearing...

I had to disconnect the battery to stop it. To check if I had broken something I replaced the new display with the older ones. My iPhone reboots normally again... puh

The support team proposed a iPhone update after the display replacement. Have anybody experience with that issue or with the recommended solution?

I don't want to brick the phone with an update...

Thanks Phil

Update (03/02/2017)

Hey all,

Does anybody else have an idea?



Update (03/10/2017)

Hey Ben,

without the cable of the camera the phone is normally booting. So I will get a new screen with a new camera. Thx all!

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Unplug front camera cable and home button extension cable. If it boots plug one in at a time and find which part is faulty by seeing which cable causes the phone to stop booting.

If it's the home button extension cable transfer the metal plate from the old screen.

If it is the front camera cable then transfer the front camera ribbon cable assembly from the old screen.

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Hey Ben,

thanks this is a good idea. I will try it tomorrow! :)


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Hi Phil,

Ensure that all of the connections are connected properly and that there aren't any broken connections. I've seen this issue before with the battery/connection being the issue, so I would check there first.

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Hi Corey ,

I checked all connections 3 times. At the moment the phone is running well with the older display. So in my opinion there have to be a problem with the ifixit hardware or it is really a software issue with the new hardware. Does anyone know if apple do a hardware check to ensure that all parts are still the same?

So if I understand you right it is unusual to be forced on reinstalling the whole iOS?


Well, in my experience I would then think that you're having an issue with something around the connections or the screen itself. In the past, i've seen screws in the wrong place on the board causing this issue and also a defective screen. If you're sure that all of the screws are in the same exact places that they were removed from then I would believe that it's a screen issue. The only way to test is by testing a new screen. Since the old screen works, then that further supports this theory, in my mind that you have a defective screen.


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I have the same problem too. My technician has tried so many things to fix it but none of it succeeded. I don’t even what is actually happening with my iPhone 6. Is anyone here has finally able to fix it?



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*I don’t even know.


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Sounds like a screen issue.

The iPhone 6 will boot fine with only a screen connected so try disconnecting everything and see if it will boot.

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