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How to replace the AV\RCA female port

a friend of mine has a Vizio surround sound subwoofer the model # is s4251w-b4.

i need to replace the jack where the sub plugs in for the audio

Block Image

does anyone know where i could just order the jacks to replace them?


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i have a bad board apparently in my sound bar, but for the life of me i cannot find any way to open the cabinet.

Please offer any direction-


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Board mounted RCA socket assemblies (if that is what they are) are available on places such as Mauser etc

Here is a link to just one. As I cannot 'see the type of connection that it requires you'll need to open the sub up and ascertain the exact type of mounting connection that you require.


Here is the main page that it came from. If it is not the right type scroll through to find the one you want. There are over 600 RCA variations to select from. it should be in one of those.


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its basically a straight connection. not angled or anything.

thanks for the website! ill have to check out the selections they have! thanks sir!


turns out that the male end of the RCA camble broke off inside the female section lol

i just removed the connection with a solder sucker and then pushed the male piece out and re soldered it to the board, good as new!!

thanks for the help !


The same thing just happened to me. How exactly can I fix it? the RCA pin broke off inside the RCA Jack on the Sub Woofer. Im a total newbie, so I need detailed instructions pleaase! :) Thanks! Where did you get a replacement part at? Thanks!


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