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Are the white and black front LCD panels different (beyond the color)?


I recently purchased a new battery and front panel from ifixit for an iPhone 6. I placed the order around midnight and in my sleepy mindset didn't notice that I'd ordered a black panel for a white iPhone. I didn't think this made a difference beyond aesthetics, but after trying the new panel the phone gets stuck in a boot loop - Apple logo for a few seconds, power off, back to the apple logo. Reinstalling the old cracked screen brought the phone back to life, so it doesn't appear to be a logic board issue or any kind of damage done during the install. There's no obvious damage to the ribbon cables or connectors on the new panel, so that leaves me with two possibilities: 1) There is a difference beyond aesthetics and the white iPhone was rejecting the black panel. 2) It was a defective panel to begin with.

Does anyone know definitively whether or not there is a difference between the two panels apart from the color?

Thanks for the help.

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A white screen will function fine in a black phone, and vice versa. You got a defective screen, most likely an issue with the proximity/front camera cable if it came with a new one.

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