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The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 is an all-in-one desktop inkjet printer/scanner by HP. Model number B2L57A#AKY.

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Why the printer won't print

I tried printing but the paper just came out blank. Why?

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I just replace the ink but can't print because the printer doesn't seem to grab the paper, the paper just went in half way and nothing was print on it.


Hi @ adnan abdul ajis,

If you have the HP 1515 can you copy or scan a document OK using the printer's control panel?

If it works OK this way, can you try a test print from the computer that the printer is connected to? (usually found in the Printer properties area in the computer)


hey my printer hp 1515 just wont print . i press print from my laptop and nothing happens


hey my printer error, it can scan but its cant prin, and i can open the properties..


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No ink maybe? Lol does the rail for the ink cartridges move? Or does it simply spit the paper out

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