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Unibody MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13 Zoll Display, hergestellt von 2009-2012.

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Upgrading to new MacBook Pro but want to keep existing SSD

I currently have a late 2010 Macbook Pro that I recently upgraded to a 480GB SSD. I'm about to purchase a used 2016 Macbook Pro in the next week. I want to migrate the SSD from my old Macbook to the new Macbook. This is due to the fact that the new Macbook Pro only has a 256GB SSD. I'm not sure what steps to take, but was wondering if this would work.

1. Upgrading both Macbooks to OS Sierra

2. Creating a time Machine backup on an external HD

3. Wiping both machines

4. Swapping the SSD's from each

5. loading the Time Machine Backup from the external HD on the new Macbook Pro.

Is this going to cause any issues due to the different hardware on each machine?

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No can do. Totally different technologies and form factors.

The 2016 uses an integrated SanDisk SDRQKBDC4 064G 64 GB NAND flash memory (x2 for a total of 128 GB).

See step #8:

MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Teardown

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