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2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,4 GHz) oder 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7 GHz) Quad Core Intel Core i7 Prozessor mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Random shutdowns using MacOS Sierra

My Macbook Pro 15" retina display bought in 2014 is shutting randomly, which is very annoying.

I tried reseting SMC (by Pressing Option+Control+Shift+Power button) also by resetting my PRAM.

I also wiped off my Hard drive using system utilities and reinstalled OS (Sierra).

This did not resolve my problem. Any suggestions ? Greatly appreciate. I took the system to the Apple shop, they ran several hardware tests and told me everything is just fine.

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Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Also took notebook to the Apple and all hardware tests are ok. I reinstalled Sierra (never happend before) but nothing changed. Also tried to move back to El Captain, still turning off.. I am on MPB Pro 15" retina (mid 2014)


pepkiml - Same exact situation here -- hardware tests normal. There's some legit design flaw and Apple won't acknowledge it.


Hey laz! I am not able to tag you so I hope you get notified even though. Uff, okay.. You are now ~ 1 month with unusable Macbook? Pretty shame for $2000 device. Please contact me at twitter (josefdolezal), our best chance now is to collect some data and spread the word I guess. I am trying to reach some other guys the same way, they all experiencing the same issue right now. Merry Christmas by the way :-)


I have the same situation 2014 MBP, started turning off randomly, and I think it is related to the preheatin. My fans dont react when the temperature increases, installed smc fan control, but have to observe the temperature, and manually increase fan speeds... Pretty annoying.


pepikml - Actually it has been closer to a full year that I have been having issues. But since MacOS Sierra, it has been so much worse that the computer is 100% unusable.

I would like to contact you outside of this - does iFixit allow us to have private messages?


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Try a different HD. Sometimes the HD shorts out the system

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