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Faulty Charger, phone is loosing charge really quickly

When I plugged my phone into charge in my car charger yesterday on the way to work it didn't start to charge so I plugged it out and tried again. I then started to get a smell of electrical burning, I immediately plugged everything out. The phone then proceeded to loose charge incredibly quickly over the next couple of hours.

I had actually been planning to switch out the battery that evening anyway because it wasn't holding charge very well anymore regardless of this incident. The new battery and a firmware update have definitely helped quite a bit but it's still not right, it's still loosing charge a lot quicker than I would expect. What else could be the issue? Oh and it will now only charge with certain lighting cables, ones that worked great before this won't charge it anymore. So I'm thinking new lightning port?

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A few causes and symptoms:

- Blown U2 Tristar charging ic from using non-MFI certified apple lightning cable with car charger

- Burnt out charging port which would require changing the charging port assembly

- Battery gone bad, if this is the case then just replacing the battery would fix it.

You can check battery information using 3UTools which is an Windows application you download from the internet.

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It's def not the batttery, just changed that yesterday. Can you explain more about the U2 Tristar Issue? Fixable etc?


The U2 Tristar IC is a chip on the logic board that controls the charging circuit for when the power goes through from the charging port to the battery / iPhone.

Once that chip stops working completely the phone will not be able to charge a dead battery or even a phone that is turned on with a known good battery.

To fix this problem the Tristar Charging IC chip would need to be replaced which requires board level micro-soldering which regular people can't do without experience and expensive rework station tools.

I recommend diagnosing the phone by taking it to someone that doe board level repairs on iPhones.


Cool, thank you I appreciate that.


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my wifes phone has had the same issue, from the research ive found youll need to replace the charging port (lightning port) sucks but there tutorials for it.

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