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Why is my headset only working on one side?

My headset only works on the right side. But it works on the left side when I push the cord up where it connects to the jack. I would be grateful for any help.

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Is there another way to check the not working part? Even with changing the cable, only one (the same) is working. In my case it's a Sennheiser HD 430.

(Yes very old. But I liked too much the natural and transparent sound. What would be a good replacement?)



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It sound like the cable is broken.

Have you tried it in another device to make sure it's not the audio port?

You can attempt to fix it by replacing the cable, which will likely involve taking the headset apart, finding where they cable connects to a circuit board, de-soldering and re-soldering a new cable.

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Thank u so much. I did try it on 3 other devices


ive tried the cable on other devices and am certain that it works, if this is the case what can i do?


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