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Can I use the LCD of a 2009 13-inch on a mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Do they have the same connections to the logic board?

Are they exactly the same or was the 2012 one improved?

Thanks in advance

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LCDs are the same, the lid assemblies are not. The full lid uses a different LCD cable, camera and wifi connection.

If you are going to remove the glass and swap the LCD though, it will work fine.

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Thanks for finding that. I was trying look for it in the repair guide except they aren't loading for me. I have fast wifi and I have a retina with 16 and a 512


@sherlock_holmes luckily I don't have to rely on the internet then, since mine is not too great :)


lol oh. but u r using the internet to ask the question


I'll make that exception to give advice and help someone


Thats good plenty good reason


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Most probably it must fit. But pls do verify connector type at lcd end. If they are same then replacing connector wires will work. Connector end might b different type at other end.

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