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Also known as the Mega Drive II, this is a smaller, lighter, 2nd-generation version of the popular Genesis console, released in 1993.

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Genesis will turn on screen flickers but no sound or video

I just bought new av cables for my Genesis I get home and I can't find my Genesis so I go out to my buddy's he has a Genesis he sells me well it powers on but no sound or video I also stopped at my local exchange store bought new av cables that connect into back of tv red white yellow plug them in no picture or sound flicker once just a little what's wrong

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May I suggest simply getting a "remake"?


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Did you try reinserting the cartridge and powering back up? My Genesis II is very finicky with cartridge insertion, just like our older Intellivision console which is where I learned about this trick. Just keep trying to reinsert the cartridge and do it FIRMLY, but not so much you break something.

I have a feeling I need to recondition the pin connectors on the console itself. The process seems easy but I am so fearful of ruining the console. Others have claimed that it fixed their problems with game power up on the first try.

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