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iPod wont charge, wont power off, isn't recognized by PC...help?

My Ipod nano (2nd gen) was low on battery and popped up with the "No battery power remains. Please connect Ipod to power" screen. I tried connecting it to my Ihome where I have always charged it in the past but it wouldn't charge. I tried reseting the Ipod with the 'Menu' and center buttons several times but it won't power off. The screen is stuck on the 'Low Battery' screen and won't even lock. Then I tried connecting it to my PC (2007) but it wouldn't recognize it. It didn't show up in Itunes and there wasn't even a little bubble saying that there was an unrecognized device or anything! I looked on the 'my computer' screen and it doesn't seem to realize anything is plugged in... what should I do?

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Sariina, make sure your nano is not on hold. Try to charge it on an external charger and not on a computer USB port for a while. See if you can give this a try and see if you can get the nano into disk mode and follow the instructions from here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1363?viewl... hope this helps. I would think you require at least a new battery. Good luck

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