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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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Why is phone coming up with the swipe to power off not charging

iPhone 6 displaying swipe to turn off /power off randomly while phone is not under charge. While under charge, phone behaves "normal"... Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Sounds strange.

Could be that your software is not working very well. You could try a reset of all settings or restoring the unit as new to test.

Furthermore check the power button is not sticky or held down slightly. If it is use an alcoholic wipe to loosen it up.

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^^ Those are all very good suggestions. Could very likely be the button itself. Might try a toothbrush does in rubbing alcohol for that.

Go into settings and see if there is an iOS update available. iPhones are becoming increasingly more glitchy these days. Updates typically show up with a badge notification, but not always.

Also try a "simple" or "soft" reset. It's a surprisingly little known technique one had to know back in the iPod days that will reset your device without erasing everything.

Hold down the Home-App Switcher-Siri-Accessibility ·BUTTON· + Power ·BUTTON· at the same time and hold them down for 10-15 seconds. This works when an iPhone/freezes and the power button alone won't work.

Good luck. If that doesn't work try Apple customer support. Despite being more than sick of Apple, I must admit they have excellent customer support.

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