iPod Nano 6th generation Power Short?

Has anyone had experience with a power short in the iPod Nano 6th gen? I had a strange occurrence recently. I purchased a banged up iPod. It was in need of a new screen since it was cracked and a new battery since I was told it wouldn't hold a charge and would die immediately when unplugged from a power source. I experienced something different during the repair.

I first wanted to test the new screen I bought. I removed the cracked screen and installed the new one. No problem. I tested the battery with the new screen and it seemed to be holding the charge and powered fully with a plug in power. This was with a loose fit of the LCD. I let it play for over an hour straight with no issue. Once I went to tuck the LCD ribbon slightly and close the iPod it shuts off and needs a plug in power to bring it back up. I tried it a few times, using a little tape to cover the solder connection on the ribbon of the LCD. I was able to tuck it with shutting off.

Is there an exposed part that one has to be typically be careful about when tucking the ribbon and closing the LCD screen?


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