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Why does it restarts takes too much time?

My laptop really takes time wheb restarting or when you turn it on while its asleep. What happened to her? How to fix her?

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Hello Jerlphil

How has your day / night been?

Slow start up and wake up can be cause by one or more of the following problems

* Not enough memory (RAM)

  • Lots of programs starting with the computer
  • Thermal throttling (running to hot)
  • Damaged hard drive

Not enough memory (RAM)

How much memory is installed? You can find this out by following this guide.

  1. Click Start then right click on Computer
  2. A menu will pop up. Click on Properties. This will open your systems basic information page.
  3. If you look under the heading Installed memory (RAM) it should list how much memory is installed in GB. I recommend minimum of 4GB now days.

Lots of programs starting with the computer

You can use a program call ccleaner to see what is starting with your computer following this guide.

  1. First download ccleaner portable from here.
  2. Once downloaded extracted all of the files by right clicking on the zip file and clicking extract all.
  3. Run the file called CCleaner
  4. Once ccleaner is running click on tools on the left hand side then startup. This is a list of all of the programs that start when your computer starts. Most of the time you can disable most of these without any trouble.

Thermal throttling (running to hot)

When computer CPU chips get to hot the slow down to prevent damage by heat. Feel under the laptop. Does it get very hot when running? You can use Open Hardware Monitor to check temps.

You can use a cool pad that allows more air to get into the bottom of the laptop if you are having heat problems.

Damaged hard drive

Over time of using your computer your hard drive (where all of your data is stored) can wear or become damaged. We can use a program to test some of these problems. Not all hard drive problems can be tested with software.

You can use a program called hdsentinel to check the health of your hard drive. if you find your hard rive is damaged I recommend cloning to a new one ASAP.

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you should try defragmenting your hard drive. press windows then type defrag. the program should come up, then run it. you will need to be an admin in order to do this.

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