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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in 2014.

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Remove back of device to access battery

Samsung Galaxy 110 tablet does not appear to be here. I believe the battery needs replacement and I do not know how to get the back off the device. This item is approximately 3 years old.

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I got the back off now what do i do


What is the model number of your tablet?


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You may want to confirm that model number. The last tab 4 10.1 I tore down for a LCD and digitizer replacement was a sm-t530nu. But to try to steak you in the right direction most of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series are held by plastic retainer clips molded into the back case half and the display frame. Depending on a persons preference nearly any plastic pry tool or opening tool can be worked in to the small seam between the back case and the silver ring on the display frame. Of course if your going to attempt this you must have the device powered off. I personally recommend removing Sim cards and memory cards as well. After gently prying and releasing the retainer clips you can expose the battery.

I would like to point out before you do that it would be wise to try a different charger / outlet and rule out those type of things first. Also when you plug in a known good charger if the tablet does not charge try to gently wiggle the cable to see if you have a charger port issue.

If you would like to post more information we can try to assist you a little more.

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