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iPhone won't charge past 1%

I have an iPhone 5S ( iOS 9) which was water damaged, I had the inside of the phone cleaned out with alcohol. The phone now turns on but it will not change past 1%.

The phone will say that it is chargeing but won't gain any percentage.

If I install a new battery it will show that it is changing but will not go up. ( Actually going down a percentage after 30 mins).

Tried new charger port with no luck.

If I have any updates I will keep you posted.

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The first thing to try is a new battery. I would recommend you buy it from iFixit if you can or a reputable vendor as there are many poor quality batteries on the market. Also, if you have access to a known-good battery, that would be even better.

Is your phone recognized by iTunes? If not, you may have a defective charge port or a failure of the charging circuit on the logic board. Considering that you had water damage, It could be anyone of those possibilities. If you did not remove the shields from the logic board, then you only cleaned ~20% of the board.

Let us know more about the extent of the water damage and what steps you took to clean it up.

iPhone 5s Replacement Battery Bild


iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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Thanks for the info. Even with oem battery’s it’s doing the same thing. It’s a motherboard failure


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