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Erschienen im November 2016. Sie bietet verbesserte Hardware für 4K Spiele und Videostreaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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Why do I have white dots on my screen when I enable HDR on a 4K HDR TV

I purchased a 4K HDR Sony XBR television. I hooked up my X Box One S to it and it runs 4K HDR content without a problem.

My PS4 Pro only runs 2160P YUV resolution and when HDR is turned on, there are scattered blinking dots throughout the screen. I still play games but my God this is annoying. I have tried new cables, new firmware on all devices, rebooting it etc. The dots disappear when I select 1080P resolution but I didn't buy a PS4 Pro or a new TV to game in 1080P resolution.

Is this a problem with the PS4? If so it is a software problem or does it need to be repaired?

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If it's a cheap tv, there's your answer. Buy one that costs a good amount of money. It'll (probably) be higher quality.

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Wanted to leave this up here in case anyone with the same problem googles their way here. Check if you have the right HDMI cable (see hardware requirements for 4K & HDR) and correct TV settings. If everything is OK, you may need to check your hardware of the console.

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