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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,3 GHz i5 oder 2,7 GHz i7 Prozessor

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MacBook will not power on when logic board is fitted to chassis

i just received a 2011 mbp13 2.3 i5 model, exhibiting no power whatsoever. not even magsafe when connected.

i pulled the logic board, cleaned thoroughly and added a new DC in board.

testing the new DC in board outside the chassis, i got (at first dim, and then full) green LED at the magsafe. i plugged in the fan, and sure enough the mac was powered on. i pulled the plug, reassembled the laptop, and there's no power whatsoever again.

then, lifting the logic board out while still connected to DCIN, i can power on the laptop. furthermore, i can place the logic board in the chassis and it remains on. if i pull the plug, i cannot restart the mac without removing the logic board.

if i remove, power on, then install the logic board, i can connect the battery and cables and begin to charge. i connected the keyboard, powered off the mac, and the magsafe remains orange. i make all the appropriate connections, and power the mac back on.

everything works, and i'm installing sierra.

the second i remove the magsafe, i'm back to square one and must remove the logic board to power it on again.


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i have taken my multimeter, and with the logic board and DC-IN board out of the chassis, i cannot locate any shorts between DC-IN and ground.


with the logic board installed, i measure ~430ohm between 16.5VDC and any given ground point.


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my known good DCIN board was in fact faulty, shorting 0ohm between 16.5V and GND.

a second known good DCIN board fixed the issue.

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