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What is the minimum and original thickness for motorcycle brake rotor?

I'll like to know when should I change my brake rotor.

What's the minimum front and rear brake rotor thickness and what's the original thickness for Yamaha xt600e 2002.

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Ok thank you. I got one more question.

My xt600e originally had a 21 front and before I had it the person changed it to a 17 front.

It may be a idiot question but my stock rotor for xt600e would it fit the now 17 rim?

Or do I have to find/get a rotor specific for 17 rim?


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derayon, I beleive this to be the dimensions of your stock rotor. You can compare the dimensions to the rotor that is on the bike. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Dimensions (mm)

Outside Diameter 282,0

Inside Diameter 132,0

Bolt Hole Circumference 150,0

Bolt Hole Quantity 6

Bolt Hole Size 8,5

Thickness 5mm new

Minimal Thickness 4.5mm

Offset 0

Bolt Hole Type Straight


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derayon,did the info. help.


Yes it did help thanks

I checked it today and it seems to be the same


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4.5 mm is minimum and they should be the same on the front and back.

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