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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13'' Retina Displays ab dem Jahr 2012.

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Keyboard and trackpad not working after applying electronic foam

Good night everyone! It's a Mac Book Pro 13" retina display. I just sprayed electronic foam to the left side of the keyboard to clean some keys, it was working fine right after i cleaned it, but hours later the keyboard and trackpad did not worked. External devices do work.

I hope it's just a situation that requires to let the keyboard dry.

Thank you in advance!


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Never spray anything directly onto electronics. Always spray a lint free cloth first, then wipe gently. Do not use cleaners with ammonia on the screen. As to your issue, let it dry for several days. Do not power it on! Do not open the oven door to peek or the souffle will fall. Hopefully, you have not shorted out the keyboard. If after three days of drying you give it a try and it fails, we can look at remedies then. But will need to know your EXACT machine.

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Did you maked sure the foam didnt contained any liquids like water? Also, let it fully dry before turning it back on.

If that doesnt work, make sure all the key's are not stuck.

Let me know if its solved :-)

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I believe Robin has hit it on the head. There might have been liquid in the foam and caused damage to the Board that the TrackPad KeyBoard are connected to. With that year model the TrackPad and the TopCase are connected by a board separate from the Logic Board. I would let it Dry out put a fan on it and then test it out later to see if it works chances are that you'll end up needing a full TopCase replacement. I would use canned air not foam while cleaning out electronics.


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