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Are the displays interchangeable

Hi everybody.

There two MBAs 13", Mid 2012 & mid 2011. One has non working keybord, the other one has a non working display.

I couldnt find an an answer so far, if the displays are interchangeable on those models?!

Even comparing pictures didnt help.

Any ideas? Thx for help.

Kind regards from Krautland

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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2010, 2011 and 2012 assemblies are compatible with each other on MBA 13"

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@reecee: Hello from Krautland & many thanks for your hint. I haven't worked on MBA's so far, so lack of experience. I find it amazing that 3 different models will fit eachother; usually Apple changes tiny bits and pieces within the modelranges, so that e.g. a slightly different socket will throw a spanner in your works.

I will have the chance to check this out by next week & I'll drop you a line.

Kind regards from

Alex deLarge


@reecee: Hello from Krautland! I promised to drop you a line! Sorry for being that late, but a very odd flu had kicked into the gutter. All went extremly well! No trouble to interchange the display between the MBA 13 " 2011 & 20112 models. You are a legend in your lunchbox!

Kind regards

Alex deLarge


Glad to hear it went well :)


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