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Problem in shutting down my Mac

I encountered a problem as the attached shows. It's unclear which app prevented my mac shutting dow. I tried to (force) quite all running applications, but doesn't work. I used disk utility to check the disk, and it says safe.

"Your Mac hasn't shut down because an app failed to quit. To try to continue shutting down again, click try again. --To quit an unresponsive app, select Force Quit from the Apple Menu (or press Command-Option-Esc).

I also tried to boot my Mac in recovery mode, and reinstalled MacOS Sierra, but the problem is still there. This problem usually comes when I use the computer for a long time (usually more than 6 hours), and it appears when I tried to shut down or restart the machine. If I shut down/reboot the computer using command mode in terminal, this will not happen.

Another problem is that the dark dot indicating the app is running under the app icon on dock may also disappear in some unclear cases, especially when the above issue happens, but I think the above mentioned is the main problem.

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First, please tell us your EXACT MacBook Pro. There are know issues on different models. Next are you getting a lot of beach ball activity?


MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)

2.8 GHz Intel Core i7


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My Universal Macbook Fix:

*Finder Bar | Go | Hold “Options”, click “Library”

**Move The Following Folder Contents To Trash


***“Launch Agents”

***“Saved Application State”

*Finder Bar | Go | Go To Folder |

**Type /Library

***Move The Folowing Folder Contents To Trash


****Launch Agents

****Launch Daemons

*Go to Applications Folder

**Move all Unwanted Programs to Trash

*Restart Computer, Empty Trash

*Check Safari Preferences

**Make sure homepage is not a redirect.

**Make sure PopUp Blocker is enabled.

**Clear Website Data

*Run Full AV Scan

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You can try opening the Activity monitor app in the utilities folder, that will give you some insight on whats running at a given time. If you open the Power Tab it might give you additional useful infos too.

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