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What to do after my Huawei P9 dropped in saltwater a week ago

So last April 2, 2017, my family and I went on a holiday at the beach. Little did I know that the waterproof bag we brought wasn't waterproof AT ALL. After submerging the waterproof bag in the ocean with me for approx 15-20 mins, we went back tot he cottage and cleaned up. I only remembered to open the bag after close to an hour.

Inside the bag was my Huawei P9 and Pineng 10000 mAh powerbank, both of which were connected to each other via cord (bc I was charging, real stupid of me). The Pineng didn't survive because the other port was left open and it resulted to the powerbank spewing this orange-y liquid. Luckily, my Huawei P9 survived, mainly because it's charger port was covered with the charging cable.

I figured that my phone was okay (because it opened up, again, very stupid) so I didn't clean it up again with alcohol or water, I just dropped it in a bag full of rice and that was that. Fast forward to April 12, I found out that my headphone jack wasn't working, which led me here. (Note that software is still 10/10)

I've completely lost hope with the headphone jack issue, because I can still use bluetooth earphones etc. What I want to know is, is it possible for the saltwater to damage my phone in the long run?

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The only way to clean liquid damage properly is to never think about putting it in rice and opening it up and cleaning the corrosion and displacing the water on the phone using isopropyl alcohol brushing it.

An ultrasonic cleaner is a bonus but expensive to get.


Hi, @benjamen50 ,

You could always make your own ultrasonic cleaner from a kit ;-)


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Hi @nyankattt ,

As you know water and electronics and electricity are not a good mix.

The minerals in the water, especially salt water, cause corrosion and the water also provides circuit paths for the electricity which were not in the phone's operating design and could damage the components. The corrosion process starts immediately and will not stop until it has been thoroughly cleaned away.

Rice is good to eat but does nothing to fix the problems caused by corrosion.

Don't Put Your Device in Rice. Here's Why

First do not turn on your phone and then you need to with the phone turned off, remove the battery as soon as possible from the phone to minimize further damage.''

Then you need to completely dis-assemble the rest of the phone and clean all the affected parts using Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ (available from most pharmacies) to remove all traces of corrosion and water. Do not use "rubbing alcohol" as in some cases this is only 70% or less, can also contain scents and is not as effective. If you do check the label to verify the amount and ingredients

Here is a link that in general describes the process.

Electronics Water Damage

As always with electronics, especially surface mounted PCBs be gentle when handling and especially when brushing away the corrosion. You do not want to remove any components from the board.

Here is a link to a video teardown for your phone which may be of some help.

If this process seems too daunting, take your phone to a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service experienced in water damage repair and ask for a quote for a repair. If you decide to do this, do it sooner than later.

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Last year I forgot my phone in the pocket without knowledge dive in the pool for about 15 min,when I remembered it was too late my phone was off without knowing what to do I went back home and charge it, nothing happened it was still off up to now, I was told by people that maybe the motherboard is dead, need help guys. (Huawei p9)


Hii @ Bellah Nangura,

It may be beyond repair. Most probably the battery will have to be replaced as it will have become depleted beyond recovery.

You need to open the phone and check what the damage is.

Use the answer in the Chosen Solution above to guide you.

if the damage is too great then you either have to find a new motherboard and maybe other parts as well or get a new phone.


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