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The Epson WorkForce 645 is an all-in-one office color inkjet printer. Model: C11CB86201.

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Why won't it print in color

Will not print in color Black and grey only. HELP!

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Can you copy or scan in colour when using the printer's control panel?

If so, have you checked the printer properties in the computer that you are using to print from?


my printer won’t print a blue color only even if i scan a picture, it gets a problem in blue color only. can any help me what should i do ?


my epson L210 wont print color even i select colored in seetings


no matter what i do my epson will not print


Hi @etme45,

What is the model number of the printer if not a WF645?

Have you tried printing direct from the printer's control panel?

How old is the printer and has it worked OK before?

What have you tried?


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HI Thank you for your help I was desperate and called Epson. The ink I put in was new, so the tech had me go to maintenance #4 Ink Cartridge Replacement - to make sure the plastic cover over the ink was removed and the ink cartridge was installed correctly- , then #1 Nozzle check then #2 Head cleaning. I was told I may have to do the Nozzle check 3 times until the paper came out after doing a print check came out with solid lines of each colour with no spaces in between. Twice did it for me.

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Thanks a lot! Cleaning the Nozzle several times helped!


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Check the print settings/preferences to make sure that Color Print is selected. Also check that the driver is correct for your printer and not a generic driver. The print job settings over write the printer settings, if the print job is set for B&W printing then the printer prints B&W.

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It took 6 cleanings, but color started coming through. Thanks for the tip.

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