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Released June 2005, identified by model number AL1916.

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Monitor turns on and off

I read this article Acer AL1916 Troubleshooting

good morning my monitor is powering all right but the moment it comes for a while goes off. It does not blink on and off the monitor is on but the light is deem how can I go about it to make it appear clear and bright?

Thank you.

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2 Antworten

This is most likely an issue with the backlight. Try shining a flashlight on the screen after it goes black, can you still see the display? If so your backlight is going bad and your lcd is fine.

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I had this problem. I opened the display, noted several heinous looking capacitors on the Poewr Supply board, Installed the correct replacements - haven't had a glitch from it in 3 years.

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Btw, just because a capacitor isn't bulging or leaking doesn't always mean it's 'Good'.

Hope this helps. It is very important to replace the removed devices with those of equivalent value, especially capacitance. Slightly higher voltage doesn't general make too much difference, never replace the device with a lower voltage specification otherwise it go boom.

Good Luck!



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