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PC turned off by itself and now won't turn on?

While in the middle of browsing the internet my HP notebook just turned itself off as if there was a power outage (but there wasn't). Now I can't get it to power on. When I press the on button all the buttons light up but then immediately turn off. The light on the computer where the power adapter plugs in is on as usual. The ac indicator light goes on for a very short time then goes out.

I've checked the power adapter to make sure it's all connected. Unfortunately I did not notice the battery life icon while the computer was on so I don't know if the battery has been charging.

My computer is approximately 2 yrs old.

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Michelle, tThe symptoms you describe may indicate a failure of the Nvidia graphics card (a known and increasing problem). CNET says: "Two ways that failures manifest themselves are not being able to start the computer and, of course, a blank screen. " among others. Here is a link to more on the Nvidia problem:

http://www.theinquirer.net/inquire [...] 84-g86-bad

Good luck, many others (including myself I fear) are in your position.

You can of course try some other things first. Because this model also has an overheating issue ,open your system clean the fan and heatsink,some good instructions ans explanations are here http://en.kioskea.net/faq/7853-my-laptop... and here http://en.kioskea.net/faq/6492-how-to-fi.... Here is a great link with regards to recalls etc. of this particular computer. Honestly, I hope it is not and may just be a bad battery that you should check as well. Let us know how it is working out. Just my 2cents....hope I

I am wrong :)

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