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Laptop get wet and won't turn on

My laptop get wet 1 years ago.I took it into repair centre .he looked and said it could be possible if water dries itself .Now its 8-9 month nothing happen it won't turn on neither it charge. Any possible solution

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It is likely that the water has caused the components on the motherboard and other PCBs to be damaged, stopping it from working. If it is financially viable, you could try replacing the motherboard/damaged PCBs. Since it does not charge, it is likely that the motherboard is damaged.

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It might also be better to just get a new laptop


@Cameron Like I said, "if" it is financially viable. If the laptop is quiet old then it is definitely better to get a new one.


I think if the laptop is old then you definitely should get a new one


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Hi @kcshyam ,

What is the make and model number of the laptop?

For starters, after 9 months not being used (or charged) the battery is most probably beyond recovery and will have to be replaced. Especially if it also got wet and was left inserted in the laptop

With HP laptops it is usually possible to get hold of a service manual which will help you to disassemble the laptop so that you can view the extent of the damage.

Once it has been assessed then decisions can be made as to what can be done, if anything, to try and resurrect the laptop to a working condition.

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