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The Coolpix P530 is a 16.1 megapixel digital camera with an impressive 42x optical zoom. This model was released by Nikon in February of 2014. It also goes by the manufacturer specific model name Nikon 26464 .

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How do I fix my cameras shutter button that fell off

my cameras shutter button fell off

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Samuel Brown, If under warranty return for repair/replacement/refund. I am not sure if you could use a tiny bit of epoxy to carefully glue the button back on with out causing trouble or not. Links below are a replacement Function Dial Shutter Switch Button replacement cover assy. and a partial disassembly guide that may help in changing the top cover piece assy. If not comfortable working on the camera take into a good local shop and have them estimate repair. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


Nikon Coolpix P530 Zoom Lens Unit Replacement

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