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broken connector for the camera and FaceTime

The silver connection for the camera cable has broken off at the board. Is this fixable on a MacBook pro A-1398? If so where can I buy the connector. Its a flimsy connector that takes very little to displace from the board.

Ever since this happened my fans continue to run at high speed. I have attempted on several occasions the recommended resets by apple but this hasn't solved any of the issues.

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Did you figure anything out? Happened to mine as well. Thanks


Melted the connector. No sucess


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I am assuming that you have a 15" Retina MacBook Pro model between late 2013 and mid 2015 - you wrote A1398 in the question but chose a different model to file the question under.

You can replace the connector, however, this will require soldering equipment and some experience with microsoldering. You can buy the replacement connector here: https://beetstech.com/product/isight-cam...

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