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Also known as the Volkswagen Eurovan, produced between 1990 and 2003, succeeding the Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) and followed by the Volkswagen Transporter (T5).

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Why my volkswagen transporter t4 not starting

i have check the fuel pump, check the brain box and try everything still is not starting. what should i do next

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One item prone to fail is the ignition switch. There are detailed instructions with pictures on the Web. You have to remove the plastic trim pieces under the steering wheel. There is a signal plug that needs disconnecting and a one small Phillips head screw that hold the switch in. This screw is in an awkward location and use a small driver to get it out. No need to get a new key mechanism. The switch is only about $12 from Europarts SD.

The other part that also can fail is the ignition coil (only one on the early models) that is located BELOW the battery. You can check of the plugs are getting a spark with a inductive timing light placed around the coil leads. The newer T4's have a coil mounted with each plug... I think.

Good luck!

W. Li 1995 T4 Camper

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