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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 was released March, 2008. It is the third camera in the TZ series, with a 3.0 inch viewing screen, 28-280 lens (10x optical zoom) and 9.1 megapixels. The TZ5 also has 720p HD video recording.

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Picture not making it to memory or LCD.

Camera was dropped and wouldn't turn on. Found disconnected ribbon cable and restored. Seems like everything is working except cannot see what I'm taking a picture of and picture is not making it to memory. Guessing there is a broken connection on the lens that I cannot see.

I can veiw things that are already on the memory card and LCD is functioning.

Any ideas where to look on the lens for the bad connection?

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R Pfeil just wondering if you got this fixed or if it still an issue.


OT - Sorry to say - No. Took it apart and reassembled so many times I can almost do it in my sleep. I, however, have pulled off the black ribbon cable locking tab and am not sure how to get it reseated if it even can be reattached. So I'm at a stand still on a fix. I may have to sell it for parts? -R


Oopps, been there before myself. Those little clips are a PITA and when they are off, they are off. I tried a couple times to replace with tabs from other logic boards, but never really had any luck with it, well may be half worked after. May be time for you to stat looking for a new cam and get this one on ebay :-). Good Luck


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I would double check the connection coming of the lens. Make sure they are all seated properly and that they are not torn. You mentioned that you had found a disconnected ribbon cable, double check the connector and contacts. I would think that if it got disconnected by a drop there may be some damage to the cable or connector. Good luck and hope you get it fixed. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Camera Lens Assembly Replacement

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+ turkey, you're getting good at picking up that Ace. Hard work isn't it?


Yes it is :-) so many people, so many questions and only so little time ;-) good thing I have had slow nights at work so I do get to use my brain and answer questions.


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