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Help me analyse a power adaptor problem

Symptom: for while I've had to twist the power-plug in the iBook's socket for the light to turn orange and it to charge. Now, it is nearly impossible to get that spark and the battery's lying empty, so the thing won't start.

Possible cause: I've had the loose airport-card problem some years ago and took the thing to apart to fix it (scary operation). After putting it together, everything worked, except the power was flaky as above.


did I loosen something opening it and can it be fixed by attaching it again?

is the power supply screwed and does it need to be replaced? Can I install it myself?

Thanks for your help. I'll be here to answer follow-up questions.

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Check your AC adapter jack to see if the outer ring has spread open - thus preventing secure contact. To close a spreading outer ring, take some stranded wire, such as used on a light cord, and wrap it around the outer ring. Use a pair of vice grip pliers to slowly twist the wire, thus closing the spread.

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The outer ring is indeed a little open. Should I leave the wire attached to the ring when inserting it back into the laptop, as it doesn't seem to want to close fully on its own?


You just want to tighten it till it fits snugly. There will be some gap. Using the wire insures it is compressed uniformly as opposed to using a pliers.


Tightening it does seem to alleviate the problem a little, though I do have the twist it around until the light turns orange. Would a new power-cable be the solution, you think?


Sounds like, indeed, it is a contact problem. Clean with a degreaser. Possibly use some very light sandpaper. Is the DC-IN port loose?


the DC-IN port is indeed loose. Will look for a degreaser now.


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You might need a new DC-in socket / board. But Mayers trick is great +

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Another thing you can try is a cleaner we used in the t/v trade called SERVICEALL it is a contact cleaner and is non conductive so you will have no fears of lt shorting anything out.


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