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This laptop was released in September of 2010, Identified by model number Inspiron N5030 or Inspiron 15. It is an all black laptop with a DELL logo in the center of the top cover, a mouse pad with separated left and right key buttons, and a disc drive on the right hand side of the computer.

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How do I get laptop to run at Max speed from newly installed 8gb ram?

I have inspiring 15 n 5030 and just installed 8gb ram. The chips work fine and the specs say I have 8gb but it is still running at 3gb speed.. Core and bus speed the same I changed the size through windows settings and it increased the total and available virtual memory by 4gb each, and increased the available physical..the chips are cl9 but it is still at 6 docks...what do I need to do? Also the chips are 4gb a piece DDR3 1333 dual channel SODIMM

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ok I get that the 8gb is amount of memory...but shouldn't it go faster than the 3gb? and is it possible to get 9 docks out of it? that was big part of why I bought them



It's like @avanteguarde said, it won't use all of the 8GB of memory only the 3GB that is addressable by 32bit OS.

Also according to the user guide p.75 for the laptop the maximum amount of RAM that is supported by the BIOS is 6GB

Adding more RAM only allows the computer to do more things at once not run any faster.

As you cannot address all the available RAM you cannot do more things at once so things will be the same.

You need to have a 64 bit OS installed to address the RAM above 4GB.

How many 'unnecessary' processes or applications are running in the background that may be tying up some memory? Use Task Manager to view the processes that are running and see f you can stop them from being started in the first place. e.g. a lot of programs install auto update check programs that run when a computer is first started slowing it down etc. Be careful that you don't stop the wrong ones as it may make the laptop inoperable until you restart it. investigate what it's for before doing anything.


after some research and help from a tech friend I found that my 64bit windows7 home premium is running the dual channel 8gb ram at 6-6-15


jayeff is right about needing 64bit OS ...you also need to adjust the setting s in window accordingly to allow maximum virtual memory usage/output


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For clarification, 8gb RAM is memory, and allows for more programs to run at the same time without slowing down the system.

If the system still only detects 3gb RAM, you probably are running a 32-bit version of Windows. You need to install a 64-bit version of Windows to use most or all of the 8gb RAM.

For a speed boost, I suggest changing the hard drive either to a Seagate SSHD or a full SSD.

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