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Sony ICFC1T alarm clock/radio is manufactured so that in the event of a power outage, you have the peace of mind that your device will continue working so you never miss an event.

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12 hour format instead of the 24 hour?

Does this model come with the 12 hour format instead of the 24 hour.

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Tough one... The user's manual does state that the radio uses a 12 hour clock, but I read 3 reviews that both stated that the clock uses the 24 hour format.


I purchased ICF-C1 from Harvey Melbourne. It cannot change the time format to 24 hrs


any one can guide me to change the time format to 12 Hr


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That might be of use.

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Thank you! Very helpful. I am from the UK and after a little research I found out that the 24 hour format is for UK clocks and the twelve hour ones are for America manufactured clocks. I prefer twelve hour, so I will just order it online from America instead


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I wouldn't. America uses 120v whereas the UK uses 230v.

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