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Is data recovery possible from macOS hard drive?

I had a folder on my Desktop called "University Data", and for some reason, it accidentally disappeared from the desktop. It might be possible that I may have accidentally deleted it but I am not quite sure 100! It used to be there until a few days ago. It has all my university notes and such on it, and it is important for me at this stage, since I am hopefully graduating in a couple of days and I need it for some final examinations.

I do not know how it disappeared from my Mac desktop and how to recovers all the deleted data back to my macOS hard drive.

Can anyone please help me?

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Did you check the trash bin?


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Hi, why you want to recover your university exam data. If you previously backup your Mac using Time Machine/online backup storage, then just restore it and regain access to lost or deleted files.

However, if you have done some laziness and do not have a proper backup available, then there are no other options left other than using a data recovery software for Mac. You can use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Application Program to retrieve all the deleted files back to the hard drive. This software for data recovery supports more than 500+ file types for data retrieval.

Also, data rescue is a good software but its features are limited like Time Machine recovery, RAW recovery, BootCamp partition recovery.

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Is Stellar Mac data recovery free or paid software?


No, it's $99 product.


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At this point I would hold off using your system until you've recovered the files. The OS hasn't likely destroyed them yet but merely marked them for re-use. So any altered or added file could over-write your important data.

This gets into a bit of a catch22 problem as you need to have access to the recovery app but you don't dare install it on your internal drive. So you'll need to find a friend who has a Mac to either create a bootable external drive or allow you to interconnect it to yours in Target Disk Mode. In either case you'll need to have the recovery app on the other drive. Here's what we use: Data Rescue 4 There are others I've found this is one of the better ones.

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Try this and see if it appears:


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Take the HDD out of the enclosure and plug directly into the main board. See if you can access it then.

It looks like your only route is professional data recovery like uFlysoft:

Step 1. Launch the software to scan the device where your files deleted

Step 2: Preview the scan result files and make mark if it is the one you find

Step 3: Recover files

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I know you have done your graduation with good score but still to make this forum more informative, hence I would like to suggest few alternatives that do Mac data recovery with ease, for ex.

SysInfoTools MAC Data Recovery Software

EaseUs Mac Data Recovery Software

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac

Data Rescue for Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

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