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Is there a default or generic email password that can be used for fact

I bought my DigiLand tablet model# DL1010Q used and was not aware they did not clear the original owners gmail account to reset recover. Is there a default or generic password that I can use on my tablet. I paid a lot oh money and have left numerous texts and vms. I heard from his roommate once very briefly and he stated that he had not been able to reach him for awhile.

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Hi there, Bailey,

That's a great question!

I'm not certain if performing a factory reset will allow you to create a new user account for that DigiLand tablet, as I have never used one before, but if you'd like to give it a shot you can check out this link: DigiLand DL1010Q Troubleshooting

"you can try resetting the device by gently inserting a small object, like a paper clip in to the port labeled "Reset", pushing down for 5-10 seconds."

I hope this helps!

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