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about to change battery-help!?

my BELOVED!!!! google nexus 7 2013 tablet is dying a slow and painful death!

it won't charge any more, and I ordered a battery replacement, but am not sure, looking at the teardown on here, that I will do it correctly....

do I just tear that tape off that's across it? then unscrew?

I can only HOPE that my new battery arrives in time----it is DECLINING in power as we speak, and I have HEARD that if it gets too low, the whole tablet is lost and is not recoverable!!! nooooo......

thank you.

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Hi Sharon,

While the teardown is helpful in illustrating how to completely disassemble your tablet, for part replacements we recommend using the respective replacement guide. In this case, here is the battery replacement guide I've found on iFixit: Nexus 7 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

I hope this helps!

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Dear Kadan, Thank you SO much for that referral---no way I could have done this without THAT page! Well...I did it! I'm shocked! (Don't know yet how my tablet will run, but it does say it is charging).



Dear Kadan,

Wow-thank you!!

I never would have known.

First time on this site.

Now, hope I don't break it!




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