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Mitte 2009 Modell A 1278 / 2,26 oder 2,53 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor EMC 2336

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Liquid damage - still works except keyboard

I have a 2009 macbook pro 13" unibody that suffered liquid damage.

It powers up fine and everything seems to work except for the the keyboard. It still works great with an external keyboard.

It is out of warranty.

Do I have to replace the logic board or is there something else that cane be replaced to salvage this laptop?



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Hi Frank.

I have come across this problem many times with laptop users and the problem is not letting the keyboard dry out enough,even then the liquid can still damage depending on what spilled on to it.

if your macbook works with an external keyboard i doubt that the logic board is damaged.

The keyboard can be replaced but it is a tedious job to do and i would not advise anyone to take this task on without some knowledge of macbook's,but the good news is there are many video's on you tube on how to tackle this job.

My best advice is to use the external keyboard untill you can get a replacement.

Hopes this helps a little.


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Thanks for the reply. I has been 6 months since this happened. So it should be dry by now... I would imagine. It was water that was spilled on the keyboard.



+ nice answer, an included link would have made it even better


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